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Name # Details
Basic Metadata Registry Objects
Conceptual Domains 2 A concept that expresses its description or valid instance meanings
Data Elements 2099 A precise way of defining how a measurable attribute of a set of objects may be recorded in a system, using reusable metadata components.
Data Element Concepts 1641 A valid pairing of an Object Class and a Property to define a measurable attribute of the object, idea or event being observed.
Data Element Derivations 7 application of a derivation rule to one or more input Data Elements to derive one or more output data elements.
Data Types 4 set of distinct values, characterized by properties of those values and by operations on those values
Object Classes 136 A definition for classifying a set of real objects, ideas or events that all share common measurable attributes
Properties 1519 A definition of an attribute common to all members of a set defined by an Object Class
Value Domains 1012 A definition of how to record the measurement a particular attribute, either using a coded list of values or a description of the possible values.
Data set registration and management
Data Sets 2 A Data Set describes a record of data, including any location or time boundaries for the data, that has been captured and is available for use under a specific licence. A Data Set may be included in a Data Catalog, and can reference multiple Distributions that record different parts or formats of the data that are available to download.
Data Set Specifications 451 A collection of Data Elements for collecting data.
Distributions 6 A Distribution describes the structure and format of a specific downloadable collection of data. Multiple Distributions that capture different parts of data or provide different formats for data may be grouped into a single Data Set.
ISO 11179 Edition 2 Backwards Compatibility Objects
Classification Schemes 1 A Classification Scheme describes a set of ideas and standard values used to record codes when storing data. When linked to multiple Value Domains, a Classification Scheme can find similarities across different sets of recorded data. A Classification Scheme can also be recorded as a Conceptual Domain where there is no standard set of codes in the classification.
Performance Indicator Management Objects
Indicators 603 An indicator is a single measure that is reported on regularly and that provides relevant and actionable information about population health and/or health system performance.
Indicator Sets 1 An Indicator Set describes a collection of targets and objectives. An Indicator Set collects multiple Indicators with common targets that are reported on together.
Outcome Areas 3 A statement that specifically defines the target, standard, or the ideal result against which an Indicator is to be assessed.
Quality Statements 1 A Data Quality Statement records any known issues that may be related to a data asset. A Data Quality Statement assesses data against seven key factors: Institutional Environment, Relevance, Timeliness, Accuracy, Coherence, Interpretability & Accessibility.
Business Glossary Objects
Glossary Items 258 A Glossary Item records a business term that is commonly used within the metadata registry. A collection of Glossary Items is commonly referred to as a business glossary.
Relation and Link management