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Concept help - Data Element

A precise way of defining how a measurable attribute of a set of objects may be recorded in a system, using reusable metadata components.
A unit of data that is considered in context to be indivisible. ISO/IEC 11179 - Clause 3.2.28

A data element represents the union of a Data Element Concept and a Value Domain. The following examples demonstrate how a concept can be paired with values to capture detailed information, e.g. Persondate of birth, DDMMYYYY, Personcountry of birth, code Australian Standard Classification of Countries NNNN and Personreligious affiliation, code Religious Affiliation Standard 2012 NNNN.

The same data element concept may be paired with various sets of values to form different data elements and thereby customising the way information is specified for collection. For example the concept of Occupation may be associated with a value domain which references the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations and be collected at different digit levels representing the Major Group, Sub-Major Group, Minor Group, Unit Group or Occupation.

Data elements may stand alone or be associated with other item types such as Data Element Derivations.