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Concept help - Value Domain

A definition of how to record the measurement a particular attribute, either using a coded list of values or a description of the possible values.
a set of Permissible Values ISO/IEC 11179 - Clause 3.2.140

A value domain provides a set of permissible values by which a Data Element can be implemented. Value domains can be enumerated (e.g. Total centimetres NNN) or non-enumerated (e.g. Sex code N).

The union of a specific value domain with a specific Data Element Concept creates a Data Element. For example the data element concept Person—body height can be implemented through union with the Total centimetres NNN value domain.

Permissible values
An expression of a Value Meaning allowed in a specific Value Domain
Permissible values

ISO/IEC 11179 allows for 2 different types of Value Domains - enumerated vs non-enumerated. The distinction between these is that an enumerated value domain is specified by a list of all its Value Meanings, while a non-enumerated value domain is specified by a description rather than a list of all Permissible Values.