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Concept help - Aristotle Metadata Registry

Below is a list of all help pages about the different concept types available in this registry, provided by the extension 'Aristotle Metadata Registry'. Click the name for more information. To see a list of help pages for all concept types go to the Concept help pages.

Generic help pages can be found in the Help index page.

Name Details
Conceptual Domain A concept that expresses its description or valid instance meanings
Data Element A precise way of defining how a measurable attribute of a set of objects may be recorded in a system, using reusable metadata components.
Data Element Concept A valid pairing of an Object Class and a Property to define a measurable attribute of the object, idea or event being observed.
Data Element Derivation application of a derivation rule to one or more input Data Elements to derive one or more output data elements.
Data Type set of distinct values, characterized by properties of those values and by operations on those values
Object Class A definition for classifying a set of real objects, ideas or events that all share common measurable attributes
Property A definition of an attribute common to all members of a set defined by an Object Class
Unit Of Measure The actual units in which the associated values are measured
Value Domain A definition of how to record the measurement a particular attribute, either using a coded list of values or a description of the possible values.