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Aristotle Labs

Metadata isn't just about describing data, it's about empowering data to unlock its full potential.

Below are a few of the projects build on the Aristotle Metadata Registry that demonstrate how a metadata registry makes data make sense.

We've recently decommissioned some of our labs projects, but will be relaunching some of these based on our GraphQL API over the coming months.

For more information, or to request a test account, contact: labs [at]

Dynamic metamodel diagramming

A small app that produces an interactive entity-relationship diagram of the metadata model, straight from the database.

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Data matching using metadata mining

An app that show how metadata can be used to find and describe datasets by comparing data against metadata definitions to find matching specifications.

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Data validation from metadata definitions

An app that validates data based on known specifications to illustrate how metadata can be used as part of data cleansing processes.

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Dataset Visualisation

An app that produces a 3d visualisation of a dataset specification and all of it's components

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