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Concept help - Data Element Concept

A valid pairing of an Object Class and a Property to define a measurable attribute of the object, idea or event being observed.
Concept that is an association of a Property with an Object Class ISO/IEC 11179 - Clause 3.2.29

A data element concept represents the union of an Object Class and a Property. Examples of data element concepts include concepts such as, Persondate of birth, Personcountry of birth, and Personreligious affiliation.

A data element concept is solely a conceptual description and does not include values for measurement or collection. Values are described by a Value Domain, which in combination with the data element concept forms a Data Element.

A Conceptual Domain may also be associated with a data element concept, thereby providing meaning to the values associated with the concept. A one-to-many relationship may be formed between a data element concept and suitable conceptual domains.