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A code set representing the types of emergency department visits.


Data Type Number
Format N
Maximum character length 1


Value Meaning Start Date End Date
Permissible Values 1 Emergency presentation
2 Return visit, planned
3 Pre-arranged admission
4 Patient in transit
5 Dead on arrival


Guide for use:

CODE 1 Emergency presentation

This code includes attendance at the emergency department for an actual or suspected condition which is sufficiently serious to require acute unscheduled care.

CODE 2 Return visit, planned

This code includes a planned return to the emergency department as a result of a previous emergency department presentation (Code 1) or return visit (Code 2). The return visit may be for planned follow-up treatment, as a consequence of test results becoming available indicating the need for further treatment, or as a result of a care plan initiated at discharge.

Exclusion: Where a visit follows general advice to return if feeling unwell, this should not be recorded as a planned visit.

CODE 3 Pre-arranged admission

This code includes presentation by a patient at the emergency department for either clerical, nursing or medical processes to be undertaken, and admission has been pre-arranged by the referring medical officer and a bed allocated.

CODE 4 Patient in transit

This code includes where the emergency department is responsible for care and treatment of a patient awaiting transport to another facility.

CODE 5 Dead on arrival

This code includes where a patient is dead on arrival and an emergency department clinician certifies the death of the patient.


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