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The average number of full-time equivalent staff units paid for all peer workers within a service provider organisation.


Data Element (this item)


Guide for use:

Peer workers are persons are employed (or engaged via contract), either part-time or full-time, on the basis of their lived experience, to provide support to people experiencing a similar situation. This implies the person receives a salary or contract fee on a regular basis. It does not refer to arrangements where the peer support worker only receives reimbursements of expenses or occasional sitting fees for attendance at meetings.

The average is to be calculated from pay period figures. The length of the pay period is assumed to be a fortnight.

Data on full-time equivalent staffing numbers by category should be consistent with data on salaries and wages by staffing category. If the full-time equivalent for contract staff is not collected then salaries for those contract staff should be included in other recurrent expenditure data items.

Where staff provide services to more than one organisation, full-time equivalent staff members should be apportioned between all organisations to which services are provided on the basis of hours paid for in each (salary costs should be apportioned on the same basis).


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