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The source of funds for an admitted patient episode or non-admitted patient service event, as represented by a code.


Data Element (this item)


Guide for use:

The source of funding should be assigned based on a best estimate of where the majority of funds come from, except for private health insurance, which should be assigned wherever there is a private health insurance contribution to the cost. This data element is not designed to capture information on out-of-pocket expenses to patients (for example, fees only partly covered by the Medicare Benefits Schedule).

If a charge is raised for accommodation or facility fees for the episode/service event, the intent of this data element is to collect information on who is expected to pay, provided that the charge would cover most of the expenditure that would be estimated for the episode/service event. If the charge raised would cover less than half of the expenditure, then the funding source that represents the majority of the expenditure should be reported.

If there is an expected funding source followed by a finalised actual funding source (for example, in relation to compensation claims), then the actual funding source known at the end of the reporting period should be recorded.

The expected funding source should be reported if the fee has not been paid but is not to be waived.

The major source of funding should be reported for nursing-home type patients.


Admitted patient care.

Hospital non-admitted patient care.


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