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This NMDS includes data about service contacts provided by specialised mental health services for patients/clients, other than those admitted to psychiatric hospitals or designated psychiatric units in acute care hospitals, and those resident in 24 hour staffed specialised residential mental health services. 

Metadata items in this Data Set Specification

Below is a list of all the components within this Dataset Specification.
Each entry includes the item name, whether the item is optional, mandatory or conditional and the maximum times the item can occur in a dataset.
If the items must occur in a particular order in the dataset, the sequence number is included before the item name.

Data Elements
Reference Data Element Data Type Length Inclusion #
Episode of care—mental health legal status, code N Number 1 mandatory 1
Episode of care—principal diagnosis, code (ICD-10-AM 6th edn) ANN{.N[N]}
Specific Information:

Codes can be used from ICD-10-AM or from The ICD-10-AM Mental Health Manual: An Integrated Classification and Diagnostic Tool for Community-Based Mental Health Services, published by the National Centre for Classification in Health 2002.

Effective for collection from 01/07/2006

- - mandatory 1
Establishment—Australian state/territory identifier, code N Number 1 mandatory 1
Establishment—organisation identifier (Australian), NNX[X]NNNNN - - mandatory 1
Establishment—organisation identifier (state/territory), NNNNN - - mandatory 1
Establishment—region identifier, X[X] - - mandatory 1
Establishment—sector, code N - - mandatory 1
Mental health service contact—patient/client participation indicator, yes/no code N Boolean 1 mandatory 1
Mental health service contact—service contact date, DDMMYYYY
Specific Information:

Collection of the date of each service contact with health service providers allows a description or profile of service utilisation by a person or persons during an episode of care.

The National Health Data Committee acknowledges that information about group sessions or activities that do not result in a dated entry being made in each individual participant's patient/client record is not obtained from the data collected from this metadata item.

Date/Time 8 mandatory 1
Mental health service contact—service contact duration, total minutes NNN Number 3 mandatory 1
Mental health service contact—session type, code N Number 1 mandatory 1
Person—area of usual residence, geographical location code (ASGC 2008) NNNNN - - mandatory 1
Person—country of birth, code (SACC 2008) NNNN - - conditional 1
Person—date of birth, DDMMYYYY
Specific Information:

This field must not be null.

National Minimum Data Sets:

For the provision of State and Territory hospital data to Commonwealth agencies this field must:

  • be less than or equal to Admission date, Date patient presents or Service contact date
  • be consistent with diagnoses and procedure codes, for records to be grouped.
Date/Time 8 mandatory 1
Person—Indigenous status, code N Number 1 mandatory 1
Person—marital status, code N Number 1 mandatory 1
Person—person identifier, XXXXXX[X(14)] - - mandatory 1
Person—sex, code N Number 1 mandatory 1


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