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A section of the health care industry with which a health care establishment can identify, as represented by a code.


Data Element (this item)


Guide for use:

This data element is used to differentiate between establishments run by the government sector (code 1) and establishments that receive some government funding but are run by the non-government sector (code 2).

CODE 1 is to be used when the establishment:

  • operates from the public accounts of a Commonwealth, state or territory government or is part of the executive, judicial or legislative arms of government,
  • is part of the general government sector or is controlled by some part of the general government sector,
  • provides government services free of charge or at nominal prices, and
  • is financed mainly from taxation.

CODE 2 is to be used only when the establishment:

  • is not controlled by government,
  • is directed by a group of officers, an executive committee or a similar body
  • elected by a majority of members, and
  • may be an income tax exempt charity.


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