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Expenses of an organisation consisting mainly of purchases of goods and services, in Australian currency.


Data Element (this item)


This representation is based on the value domain for this data element, more information is available at " Total Australian currency NNNNN.N ".
Data Type Currency
Format NNNNN.N
Maximum character length 6


Guide for use:

Expenses relating to purchases of goods and services are to be reported in millions to the nearest 100,000 e.g. $4,064,000 should be reported as $4.1 million.

When revenue from transactions are offset against expenses from transactions, the result equates to the net operating balance in accordance with Australian Accounting Standards Board 1049 (September 2006).


  • administrative expenses (excluding workers compensation premiums and payouts)
  • domestic services
  • drug supplies
  • food supplies
  • grants
  • medical and surgical supplies
  • patient transport
  • payments to visiting medical officers
  • repairs and maintenance
  • social benefits
  • subsidy expenses
  • other expenses (includes contracted care services purchased from private hospitals)


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Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006. Australian System of Government Finance Statistics: Concepts, sources and methods, 2005. Cat. no. 5514.0.55.001 Canberra: ABS.

Australian Accounting Standards Board 1049, September 2006, <>

In accounting terms, expenses are consumptions or losses of future economic benefits in the form of reductions in assets or increases in liabilities of the entity (other than those relating to distributions to owners) that result in a decrease in equity or net worth during the reporting period.


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