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The total number of occasions of examination, consultation, treatment or other services provided as individual sessions to non-admitted patients in the dialysis functional unit of an establishment.


Data Element (this item)


This representation is based on the value domain for this data element, more information is available at " Total occasions of service N[NNNNNN] ".
Data Type Number
Format N[NNNNNN]
Maximum character length 7


Guide for use:


This represents all non-admitted patients receiving dialysis within the establishment. Where patients receive treatment in a ward or clinic classified elsewhere (for example, an emergency department), those patients are to be counted as dialysis patients and to be excluded from the other category. All forms of dialysis which are undertaken as a treatment necessary for renal failure are to be included.

This metadata item identifies types of services provided to non-admitted patients in different institutional ways in different systems. It is not a summary casemix classification.

A patient who first contacts the hospital and receives non-admitted care, for example through emergency departments, and is subsequently admitted, should have both components of care enumerated separately. Where possible, non-admitted occasions of service that are provided to patients who are subsequently admitted should be identified as a subset of the total occasions of service.

The list of Type of non-admitted patient care categories was to be developed using typical functional units or cost centres within existing institutions. These would include designated wards or departments and specialised clinics. Although the current statistical/financial returns submitted to the various health authorities by their hospitals do not provide a minimum subset, an effort has been made to define the categories in respect to those areas commonly collected. Many functional units provide services to both admitted patients and non-admitted patients, for example pathology. Only occasions of service for non-admitted patients should be included in this section.


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