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The category into which the patient's diagnosis and the associated Australian refined diagnosis related group (ARDG) falls, as represented by a code.


Data Element (this item)


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Version effective 1 July each year

This metadata item has been created to reflect the development of Australian refined diagnosis related groups (AR-DRGs) (as defined in the metadata item Episode of admitted patient care—diagnosis related group, code (AR-DRG v5.1) ANNA) by the Acute and Co-ordinated Care Branch, Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing. Due to the modifications in the diagnosis related group logic for the AR-DRGs, it is necessary to generate the major diagnostic category to accompany each diagnosis related group. The construction of the pre-major diagnostic category logic means diagnosis related groups are no longer unique. Certain pre-major diagnostic category diagnosis related groups may occur in more than one of the 23 major diagnostic categories.


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