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The place where the external cause of injury, poisoning or adverse effect occurred, as represented by a code.


Data Element (this item)


This representation is based on the value domain for this data element, more information is available at " Non-admitted patient place of occurrence code N[N] ".
Data Type Number
Format N[N]
Maximum character length 2
Value Meaning Start Date End Date
Supplementary Values 9 Unspecified place


Guide for use:
To be used for injury surveillance purposes for non-admitted patients when it is not possible to use ICD-10-AM codes. Select the code which best characterises the type of place where the person was situated when the injury occurred on the basis of the information available at the time it is recorded. If two or more categories are judged to be equally appropriate, select the one that comes first in the code list.


National Centre for Classification in Health

AIHW National Injury Surveillance Unit

National Data Standards for Injury Surveillance Advisory Group

National Health Data Committee


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