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Current registration authorities

Below is a complete listing of the registration authorities participating in the registry maintained by this site.

Registration Authority Details
ACSA Research Data Stewards Committee The Aristotle Research Data Stewards Committee approves metadata produced for research done by Aristotle Cloud Services Australia. Where metadata is sourced from other data registries or websites, clear referencing is required. Metadata endorsed by Aristotle-RDS Committee is only endorsed for use in demonstration tools and does not imply ownership or approval of...
Commonwealth Department of Health Commonwealth Department of Health authority
Community Services Community Services authority
Demonstration Registration Authority This is a Demonstration Registration Authority used for public testing purposes. The below descriptions of registration statuses have been taken from ISO/IEC 11179-6.
Early Childhood Early Childhood authority
Health Health authority
Health Health Authority
Homelessness Homelessness authority
Housing assistance Housing assistance authority
Independent Hospital Pricing Authority Independent Hospital Pricing Authority authority
Indicator governance board Indicator governance board endorsement body.
Indigenous Indigenous authority
Logical Outcomes Registration Authority Logical Outcomes Registration Authority
National Health Performance Authority National Health Performance Authority authority
Tasmanian Health Tasmanian Health authority
WA Health WA Health authority
Welfare Welfare Authority