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Help - Registration Authorities

ISO/IEC 11179-6 : Section 4.4.2 An organization responsible for maintaining a register.
An autonomous body that operates and manages a Metadata Registry based upon the ISO/IEC 11179 Metadata Registry standard, for the purpose of registering metadata items. A Registration Authority should encourage consistent processes within the metadata registry, through the development and disemination of formal guidelines and procedures.

A Registration Authority should also faciliate the process of metadata item registration within its domain of responsibility by receiving and processing submissions from suitable Submitting Organisations.

Registration authorities are groups of people that have some authority to state registration status levels for metadata. These may be committees or agencies with particular goverance arrangements or business units with specific domain knowledge. In all cases, Registration Authorities should be groups that have both the expertise and governance to approve the correctness and currency of metadata to inform users of the metadata registry of the correct standards for use in data collection and discovery.

Within a registry, Registration authorities will have registrars who are tasked with performing day-to-day tasks such as reviewing and updating metadata status levels and advicing. Within Aristotle-MDR-based registries, Registration Authorities will also have a number of managers responsible for adding registrars and assigning their tasks.

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