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Cancer-directed surgery is surgery that destroys or modifies cancer tissue anywhere in the body and includes biopsies that remove the entire tumour and/or leave only microscopic margins. It may be palliative, (to control symptoms, alleviate pain, or make the patient more comfortable), or curative.

The surgery treatment cluster consists of those data elements recommended for collection as best practice when cancer-directed surgery is performed as part of the course of treatment for cancer. The surgery treatment cluster collects information on the target sites of surgery, the procedure types and the date of each procedure.

Information on target sites and procedures is required to evaluate patterns of care, the effectiveness of different treatment modalities and treatment by patient outcome. Collecting the procedure dates will enable an estimate of the time interval from diagnosis to treatment.

The use of standard definitions and formats supports the consistent collection and management of data and enables the integration of data from different sources. It provides a common language facilitating the interpretation and analysis of results, data linkage for statistical purposes, longitudinal studies and patient patterns of care and outcome studies. These results may then inform professional guidelines and training, quality assurance and the planning and evaluation of cancer control activities, potentially improving outcomes for patients.

Metadata items in this Data Set Specification

Below is a list of all the components within this Dataset Specification.
Each entry includes the item name, whether the item is optional, mandatory or conditional and the maximum times the item can occur in a dataset.
If the items must occur in a particular order in the dataset, the sequence number is included before the item name.


American College of Surgeons 2002. Facility Oncology Registry Data Standards (FORDS), 2009 revision. Commission on Cancer
This content Based on Australian Institute of Health and Welfare material. Attribution provided as required under the AIHW CC-BY licence.

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