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Care coordination services provide a single point of contact (via a Care Facilitator) for people (and their families/carers) with lived experience of mental illness and complex care needs. Care Facilitators will be responsible for ensuring all of the patients’ care needs, clinical and non-clinical and as determined by a nationally consistent assessment tool, are being met (Commonwealth of Australia 2012).


Guide for use:
Distinguishing features:

  • The principal service provided is the coordination of access to a range of services required by the individual
  • Where other support services are delivered, they are incidental to the principal care coordination role


  • Care coordination


  • Care coordination provided as part of delivering another service type

Example programs and initiatives:

  • Care Coordination for People with a Severe Mental Illness and Multiple Needs, Victoria
  • Partners In Recovery
  • Living Options

Mental health non-government organisation establishments service type taxonomy.


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