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The version of the Australian National Sub-acute and Non-acute Patient (AN-SNAP) Classification used to report subacute and non-acute care types, as represented by a code.


Data Element (this item)


This representation is based on the value domain for this data element, more information is available at " Australian national sub-acute and non-acute patient classification version code N ".
Data Type Number
Format N
Maximum character length 1
Value Meaning Start Date End Date
Permissible Values 1 AN-SNAP version 1
2 AN-SNAP version 2
3 AN-SNAP version 3
Supplementary Values 8 No AN-SNAP version number provided
9 Not applicable


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Relation Count
Input in Derivations 0
Output in Derivations 0
Inclusion in Data Set Specifications 2
Inclusion in Data Distributions 0
As a numerator in an Indicator 0
As a denominator in an Indicator 0
As a disaggregation in an Indicator 0