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A count of antenatal care visits attended.

The number of antenatal care visits is an indicator of access and use of health care during pregnancy. The antenatal period presents opportunities for reaching pregnant women with interventions that may be vital to their health and wellbeing and that of their infants. Receiving antenatal care at least four times, as recommended by World Health Organization (WHO), increases the likelihood of receiving effective maternal health interventions during antenatal visits (WHO 2011).

Antenatal care visits for women with an uncomplicated pregnancy should include advice, education, reassurance, support and treatment for minor problems of pregnancy, as well as effective screening throughout the pregnancy, to identify problems as they arise, with referral as appropriate (Breeze & Kean 2009).


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This content Based on Australian Institute of Health and Welfare material. Attribution provided as required under the AIHW CC-BY licence.

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