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These data elements are used in conjunction with each other to provide information on a prison entrant's incarceration history.

Metadata items in this Data Set Specification

Below is a list of all the components within this Dataset Specification.
Each entry includes the item name, whether the item is optional, mandatory or conditional and the maximum times the item can occur in a dataset.
If the items must occur in a particular order in the dataset, the sequence number is included before the item name.


Guide for use:

The Incarceration history cluster provides information on the total number of times a prison entrant has been in custody in a juvenile detention centre or a prison. This is achieved by the combination of the two data elements: Prison entrant—type of corrective services facility, code N, and Prison entrant—number of times in prison or juvenile detention.

The Incarceration history cluster describes data on:

Juvenile detention centre Adult prison
Number of times in custody N[N] N[N]

As this data cluster aims to collect the prison entrant's previous history of incarceration, both items may be applicable to the one prisoner. That is, a prisoner may have previously been detained in both a juvenile detention centre (as a juvenile offender) and then in a prison (as an adult offender).


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