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Whether the child was enrolled in a preschool program, as represented by a code.


Data Element (this item)


This representation is based on the value domain for this data element, more information is available at " Yes/no code N ".
Data Type Boolean
Format N
Maximum character length 1
Value Meaning Start Date End Date
Permissible Values 2 No
1 Yes


Guide for use:

The child must have been offered a place at the preschool program and is actively attending to be counted. Children who are absent in the reference week due to illness or extended holiday leave are considered enrolled if they are expected to return.

A preschool program is a structured, play based learning program, usually provided by a qualified teacher on a sessional basis, primarily aimed at children in the year or two before they commence formal schooling, irrespective of the type of institution that provides it or whether it is government funded or privately provided. Programs may be delivered in a variety of service settings including separate preschools or kindergartens, long day care centres, in association with a primary school etc.
The terms most commonly used to describe preschool services in various states and territories are:
• Kindergarten – Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania.
• Kindergarten or Preschool – Victoria, South Australia.
• Preschool – New South Wales, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory.


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