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The main job of registered pharmacists who were employed in the profession during the reference week.

The main job is defined as the post or position, funded by an organisation, in which the health professional worked the most hours during the reference week in Australia. The health professional may be an employee or they may be self-employed with the organisation.

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Guide for use:

Data elements in this cluster assist in describing the type and distribution of services of registered pharmacists in their main job. This cluster forms part of the Registered pharmacy labour force DSS, along with Second job of registered pharmacist cluster, Work setting hours cluster, and a range of other data elements.

Data elements in this cluster are collected from all pharmacists employed in the profession. Data elements in the Second job of registered pharmacist cluster are collected only from those health professionals employed in more than one job in the profession. All other workforce data elements in the Registered pharmacy labour force DSS are collected from all health professionals registered in the profession and relate to all jobs held in the profession.

Registered health professionals on leave at the time of registration are asked to report based on the job that is usually their main job.

The main job:

  • includes time spent travelling to home visits or calls out;
  • excludes other time travelling between work locations; and
  • excludes unpaid professional and/or voluntary activities.


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