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Provision of care to hospital admitted patients in their place of residence as a substitute for hospital accommodation. Place of residence may be permanent or temporary.


Admitted patient care.


 National Health Data Committee.


The criteria for inclusion as hospital-in-the-home include but are not limited to:

  • without hospital in the home care being available patients would be accommodated in the hospital,
  • the treatment forms all or part of an episode of care for an admitted patient (as defined in the metadata item Admitted patient),
  • the hospital medical record is maintained for the patient,
  • there is adequate provision for crisis care.

Selection criteria for the assessment of suitable patients include but are not limited to:

  • the hospital deems the patient requires health care professionals funded by the hospital to take an active part in their treatment,
  • the patient does not require continuous 24 hour assessment, treatment or observation,
  • the patient agrees to this form of treatment,
  • the patient's place of residence is safe and has carer support available,
  • the patient's place of residence is accessible for crisis care,
  • the patient's place of residence has adequate communication facilities and access to transportation.


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