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A process, technique or method that enables the bringing together of two or more records that are believed to belong to the same individual.



Record linkage may facilitate improved service provision, treatment or case management to individual clients.


Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services 1998 Home and Community Care (HACC) Data Dictionary Version 1.0 Canberra: DHFS


Linkage can occur across data systems or within data systems and may be done by using a range of identifiers.

For statistical purposes, including planning, research or the measurement of service or program outcomes, record linkage facilitates separating multiple items clustered around individuals from total counts (for example, double counting of clients can be reduced when calculating total numbers of clients across several agencies).

The proposed use of a linkage key in the Home and Community Care program (HACC) Minimum Data Set is intended to make it possible to count the number of HACC clients (without counting clients more than once) and the services which they receive. The Commonwealth-State Territory Disability Agreement National Minimum Data Set is using the statistical linkage key based on that for the HACC Minimum Data Set.


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