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A patient who, following a clinical decision, receives hospital treatment for a minimum of one night, i.e. who is admitted to and separated from the hospital on different dates.


Admitted patient care


National Health Data Committee.


An overnight-stay patient in one hospital cannot be concurrently an overnight-stay patient in another hospital, unless they are receiving contracted care. If not under a hospital contract, a patient must be separated from one hospital and admitted to the other hospital on each occasion of transfer.

An overnight-stay patient of a hospital (originating hospital) who attends another hospital (the destination hospital) on a contracted basis is to be regarded by the originating hospital as an overnight-stay patient, as if the patient had not left for contracted hospital care.

Treatment provided to an intended same-day patient who is subsequently classified as an overnight-stay patient is regarded as part of the overnight episode.

A non-admitted (emergency/outpatient) service provided to a patient who is subsequently classified as an admitted patient shall be regarded as part of the admitted episode. Any occasion of service should be recorded and identified as part of the admitted patient's episode of care.

Patients who leave of their own accord, die or are transferred on their first day in hospital are not overnight-stay patients.


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