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The ASGC (2001) code set representing Australian states and territories.


Data Type Number
Format N
Maximum character length 1


This variable allows analysis by location in terms of states and territories. It also facilitates for follow-up if data queries arise that require clarification by a state/territory.


AIHW: National Health Data Dictionary Version 8.0, 1999

AIHW: Data Standardisation Project for the development of a national unit record public housing data set, 1998

ABS: Census Dictionary 1996


The order presented here is the standard for the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Other organisations (including the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare) publish data in state order based on population (i.e. Western Australia before South Australia and Australian Capital Territory before Northern Territory). Irrespective of how the information is coded, conversion of the codes to the ABS standard must be possible.

The coding and order of states/territories is different for the National Health Data Dictionary, and the Data Standardisation Project because the Data Standardisation Project uses the order used in the CSHA Performance Indicator manuals. This order used in the Data Standardisation Project is different from that used in the ABS Census 1996 Data Dictionary, in which South Australia and Western Australia are reversed.


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