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Quality Statement - A Data Quality Statement records any known issues that may be related to a data asset. A Data Quality Statement assesses data against seven key factors: Institutional Environment, Relevance, Timeliness, Accuracy, Coherence, Interpretability & Accessibility. - Read more about Quality Statements

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ABS birth registration data
Quality Statement
This collection is conducted under the Census and Statistics Act 1905. For information on the institutional environment of the ABS, including the legislative obligations of the ABS, financing and governance arrangements, and mechanisms for scrutiny of ABS operations, see ABS Institutional Environment.
  • Indicator governance board: Recorded on
National Healthcare Agreement: PI 02-Incidence of selected cancers, 2018 QS
Quality Statement
Summary: The most recent data available for inclusion in this indicator are 2013 for New South Wales and 2014 for the other jurisdictions. This indicator only counts one year of incidence data. For jurisdictions that record relatively small numbers of cancers, rates may fluctuate widely from year to …
  • ACSA Research Data Stewards Committee: Recorded on