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This file captures information about tenants who live in housing provided for low to moderate income or special needs households. These dwellings are managed by community-based organisations that have received capital or recurrent subsidy from government. Community housing models vary across jurisdictions, and the housing stock may be owned by a variety of groups including government.

Metadata items in this Data Set Specification

Below is a list of all the components within this Dataset Specification.
Each entry includes the item name, whether the item is optional, mandatory or conditional and the maximum times the item can occur in a dataset.
If the items must occur in a particular order in the dataset, the sequence number is included before the item name.

Data Elements
Reference Data Element Data Type Length Inclusion #
Household—household identifier, X[X(14)] - - mandatory 99
Person—Australian state/territory identifier, code N
Specific Information:

In the Community Housing 2009-10 collection the person state/territory identifier is recorded using the following abbreviations, as opposed to the full name used in this data element. The mapping table below indicates the relationship between the standard data element and the Community Housing collection's recorded values.

METeOR Value METeor Label CHO Recorded Value
1 New South Wales NSW
2 Victoria Vic
3 Queensland Qld
4 Western Australia WA
5 South Australia SA
6 Tasmania Tas
7 Australian Capital Territory ACT
8 Northern Territory NT

Other territories (Cocos (Keeling)

Islands, Christmas Island and Jervis

Bay Territory)


Number 1 mandatory 99
Person—date of birth, DDMMYYYY Date/Time 8 mandatory 99
Person—sex, code N
Specific Information:
The Community Housing 2009-10 collection does not use the value '3 = Intersex'. Unknown values should be mapped to '9 = Not stated/inadequately described'.
Number 1 mandatory 99


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