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This cluster is referred to as the CPSS case worker file. It is used in all three of the CPSS NMDS, all of which are unit record data. The first is the child protection specific data, which includes notifications, investigations and substantiations and services provided. The second is data on children who are on care and protection orders. The third is data on children in out-of-home care.

The Child Protection and Support Services National Minimum Data Set (CPSS NMDS) is designed to capture information on all children and young people involved in the child protection systems throughout Australia.

Metadata items in this Data Set Specification

Below is a list of all the components within this Dataset Specification.
Each entry includes the item name, whether the item is optional, mandatory or conditional and the maximum times the item can occur in a dataset.
If the items must occur in a particular order in the dataset, the sequence number is included before the item name.

Data Elements
Reference Data Element Data Type Length Inclusion #
Client—caseworker allocation date, DDMMYYYY
Specific Information:

In the Child Protection NMDS, this data item is applicable only for children on guardianship/custody orders where the jurisdiction is in the place of a parent (in loco parentis). If a child is on another type of order, this item should be left blank.

In this NMDS, this item refers to a primary allocated caseworker only. A primary allocated caseworker is defined as the person who has principle responsibility for recommending what decisions are made by the child protection service and has regular face-to-face contact with the child/family. There can only be one primary allocated caseworker at any point in time.

Each time a child is assigned a new primary caseworker, the date this takes effect should be recorded. If the child’s caseworker changes from A to B then back to A and the length of time that A is the allocated caseworker is less than 6 weeks, then this does not count as a new caseworker and should not be recorded.

Date/Time 8 mandatory 99
Person—person identifier, (child protection and support services) NX[X(13)]
Specific Information:

This identifier is used to identifer clients across all CPSS data files. This identifier maybe implemented more than once within each of the three CPSS data collections to uniquely identify the client as well as case workers.

Each caseworker is to be assigned a unique ID by the Community Services department that will be retained by the caseworker and will remain unique to the caseworker through time. Within each state and territory, each caseworker should be identified by a code using consistent format. The identifier should be assigned by the state or territory community services department when the caseworker is first employed in this role. The caseworker should retain the same unique identifier across time.

- - mandatory 99


Child Protection and Support Services National Minimum Data Set, Data Collection Manual, AIHW September 2005.


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