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The goods or services, or time or money received by a person (client) during a service episode or event.


This is important for client centred collections. It may be used to measure the amounts and nature of assistance that are received directly by clients, which can be used to help assess the appropriateness and effectiveness of programs.


Home and Community Care (HACC) Data Dictionary Version 1.0, 1998.

This is a client centred measure of amounts of assistance. This is not necessarily the same as an agency's total outlay to a particular client as it does not include administration costs, travel time for service providers, etc.

For example, a client that receives meals from a meals on wheels service. In this instance only that which is directly received by the client is recorded (i.e. the number of meals). The administration costs of providing this service, the costs of making the meal and the time and costs of the person delivering the meal are not included in the amount of assistance received.

This is only a measure of money, time or quantity of goods or services directly received by clients. It will not accrue to give a total of assistance provided on an agency basis (in terms of money, time or quantity of goods or services). Therefore it should not be used for National Accounts reporting.


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