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Concept help - Classification Scheme

A Classification Scheme describes a set of ideas and standard values used to record codes when storing data. When linked to multiple Value Domains, a Classification Scheme can find similarities across different sets of recorded data. A Classification Scheme can also be recorded as a Conceptual Domain where there is no standard set of codes in the classification.

Fields available on this metadata type

Field ISO definition
Name The primary name used for human identification purposes.
Definition Representation of a concept by a descriptive statement which serves to differentiate it from related concepts. (3.2.39)
Origin The source (e.g. document, project, discipline or model) for the item (
Comments Descriptive comments about the metadata item (
Classification Structure

Official Definition

The descriptive information for an arrangement or division of objects into groups based on characteristics, which the objects have in common ISO/IEC 11179 (Edition 2) - Clause 3.3.9