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About Aristotle.Cloud

The Aristotle Open Metadata Registry is a free open-access metadata registry that allows researchers and data analysts create, publish and share metadata. Aristotle Metadata Registry.

Using this demo server

Two demonstration users are available for testing with different permissions:
  • demo_editor: Has privileges to create content and edit content in the "Demonstration Workgroup".
  • demo_registrar: Has privileges to register content in the "Demonstration Registration Authority".

The user names for these users are listed above in red text, and the password is the same as the username.

Once logged in here are some common actions you might want to try:

Plus, most of these actions are available from the create and user menus in the top right of the window. So you can jump to common actions no matter what page you are on.

Installing your own server

The Aristotle Open Metadata Registry is an implementation of the Aristotle Metadata Registry, an open-source registry framework, available for all users. Browse the Aristotle-MDR GitHub page for instructions on downloading and customising it.

If you need more information, you can contact us and we can help get you on the right track.