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Help - How does metadata become visible?

Before metadata has been registered, it is only visible to certain authorised members of the metadata registry. As content is edited and shared different groups of users will have access to view or edit metadata. Once metadata is registered with an authority, more members of the registry and even public users of the site may be able to view items.

Before registration

Private items

Any user may create items in their private "Sandbox" that are only visible to themselves. This is done by not specifying a workgroup when the item is created.

Shared items

Any user may submit an item to any workgroup they are a member to allow collaborative authoring. Once it is submitted to a workgroup any member of that workgroup can view, and in some cases edit, the item.

Requesting review and registration of items

Any person who can view and edit an item may submit it for review with a registration authority. This makes the item visible to every registrar of that authority, who can then approve and register the metadata, or decline the request and leave comments suggesting further action.

Each registration authority can specify which registration state will make an item publically visible, and registration state will lock an item limiting further editing.

Each user and workgroup has the ability to request registration by a particular registration authority. During this process, they will be adviced if registration at that status level will either lock editing or make metadata visible.

After registration

Once an item is registered it may become visible to users outside the workgroup or to the wider public. By default, Registration is the only way for a metadata item to become publically visible.

Once an item is registered, registrars can only apply new statuses if they recieve a registration request, or the item has already been made public.

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